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About Us

The story of Tasty Tart began with the love of making desserts for families and friends.

With the love for our beloveds, handmade tarts recipes were come up with tons of tries, tastes, and changes so as to make additive-FREE, artificial-coloring-FREE, artificial-flavoring-FREE, and preservative-FREE tarts. In order to introduce and provide more delicious handmade desserts to all foodaholics, Tasty Tart is open in Champaign, where the love sprout.

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Tasty Tart proudly serves the greatest tea and coffee as well as tarts made with the finest American ingredients including Vitamin-added milk, cage-free eggs, and pure butter. We have 8 flavors of tarts made fresh daily, and more flavors are on the way.


Finest Ingredients

Are you concerned with food safety issues when purchasing/consuming desserts?

No worries!

We proudly use the selected & finest ingredients.


Tasty Desserts

Tasty, with no doubts, is the most precise adjective to describe our tarts.

Are you a coffee person or a tea person?

With a variety of tarts covering fruits, coffee, & tea, you’ll find your favorites.


Sharing & Caring 

Tarts are even more delicious when you share with families and friends.

Believe it or not!

Tasty tarts bring you and your beloveds not only closer but also happier.

Here the finest, freshest flour combines with eggs, butter, and handcrafted decoration to create a fantastic indulgence for everyone. Our boxes are perfect for sharing, surprising, and catering during everyday life as well as holidays.

If there is anything a tart can’t deal with, then having a box of tarts. Please stop by and find a seat in Tasty Tart while the supplies last. We can’t wait to serve you with the best tarts!